You Think, I Thought, Who Confirm?: Pref or Prejudice

“Chn only”, “No ind”, “Pref mly”, “into whites only” 

Seen these on people’s profiles on Jack’d or Grindr? Join us at the first session of Pref or Prejudice as we explore the racial dynamics in the gay community and find answers to questions like: 
– Is it racial preference or prejudice when someone wants to date only people of a certain ethnicity? 
– How exactly is it like for members of minority racial groups in the gay community, being a minority within a minority? 
– What can we do to counter racial prejudice and discrimination in the gay community?  
Hear from our panelists who will share their experiences and thoughts and engage in a moderated discussion on how we can create a more inclusive community for everyone in the gay community. 
Pref or Prejudice is a new theme in our You Think, I Thought, Who Confirm series, and aims to explore the intersections of different aspects of a gay man’s identity. Future sessions will discuss topics such as masculinity (“masc and str-acting only”, “no sissy”), body image issues (“fit for fit only”, “no chubs”) and biphobia in the gay community.
Pref or Prejudice is organised in conjunction with International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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