Over the past two weeks, we have heard many discussions, arguments and accusations online and in the newspapers regarding HPB’s FAQs on Sexuality. 

SGRainbow has received many messages, stories and letters for MOH and HPB from concerned youths, who are ultimately the ones that these FAQs are meant to benefit, together with our parents, to whom the FAQs are directed at. We have compiled them in this tumblr: http://sgrainbowvoices.tumblr.com and this tumblr will serve as an outlet to share our youth voices, even as the matter on the FAQs come to a rest. 
Many youths have expressed disappointment at the intense debate that had unfolded over the past weeks and frustration at the wilful ignorance of some, and the stubborn beliefs of others. This is not the first debate over homosexuality, and it will surely not be the last. We only hope that we can have our voices heard, to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions on this deeply and unnecessarily divisive issue. 
While the Minister of Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong has clarified at Parliament today, that “the FAQs on sexuality published by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) do not encourage same-sex relationships, “but rather provide advice to young persons and their parents on mental and physical health issues from a public health perspective”, and the FAQs are unlikely to be taken down, we hope that this collection of stories and reflections can help you gain a better understanding of what the life of a LGBT youth in Singapore is like. Hopefully, this will help to break down the deep misconceptions and misunderstandings that some groups or individuals may have of us. 

If you would like to contribute to our compilation, just send your note to daryl@sgrainbow.org with your name (or pseudonym), gender, sexual orientation, age and a brief description of yourself. 
Here are some of the notes to look out for: 

1. Response and rebuttals to the online petition for the reviewing of HPB’s sexuality FAQ by L, a Year 2 NUS Law student

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