SGRainbow’s Top 3 Programmes of 2013

As we look back at 2013 and review the programmes we organised for the year, we look into the feasibility of such programmes and identify what can be done better in terms of the goodies, venue, programme outline and of course, the purpose of programme itself.

With that, we have shortlisted our top 3 programmes of 2013 based on the percentage of attendees. We will also briefly review what made these programmes (or their runs) exciting.

Information about these programmes can be found here:
– About Check-In series
– About Night’s OUT series

#3: Check-In 10 (Oct)

Participation rate: 66.7%
We feel that the 10th run of Check-In is not only relevant to the year’s IndigNation theme, but it was relevant to the young gay and bisexual men in our community as we explore what is IN the future and what they can expect – which is also why our theme in 2014 is closely related to “time”. Let’s just say that people love to meddle with space and time and the programme did just that. We went to explore places such as Fridae, Pelangi Pride Centre and even the Free Community Church.

#2: Check-In 9 (July)

Participation rate: 80%
Coming up next, is actually the previous run of Check-In. We do not want to speculate but it could have been the attractive sponsors (such as BooksActually, DottingHill and The Little Badge Store, just to name a few) that gathered the participants. But hey, at least they went home with something in their hands and information in their heads right?

#1: Night’s OUT 4 (Dec)

Participation rate: 83.3%
And coming in first, is our most popular programme ever. Yes, Night’s OUT 4 was a blast and we had so much fun organising it. We could tell our participants enjoyed themselves too with the games, loads of food and the exchanging of presents. Participants also won prizes from our kind sponsors during the Q&A segment and best of all, everyone went home happy with goodie bags too.

So there you have it. The top 3 programmes of the year 2013. Let’s get 2014 cracking! If you would like to be part of our fun team, write in to us at

Participation rate is calculated as follows: 
(Number of participants attended / Number of possible maximum participants) x 100%

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