It’s Time..

SGRainbow wishes you a happy new year! 2014 is finally here and that means a fresh start for all of us. We have a brand new logo and recently revamped our website. Together with these changes, we aim to better provide you with the most enriching and enjoyable experience at SGRainbow.

This year, SGRainbow brings to you “It’s Time”. 2013 was an eventful year for the GLBT community and we believe the time has come for us. It’s time for us to make the change, to stand up for ourselves and our communities and most importantly, it’s time for us to accept, love and believe in ourselves and each other.

Travel through time to somewhere over the rainbow with Check-In v2 as we bring you back to the past, look at what’s happening in the present and imagine what might be in the future. Those who travel through all three periods with us will be recognised for your achievements in time-travel.

If you’re more realistic and prefer to live in the moment, we also want you to celebrate some special moments with us! Our most popular programme, Night’s OUT, will now be happening THREE times this year, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Summer Solstice and Christmas Day. 
“Where got time?” Some of us might not have time for NS anymore but for those who are enlisting or are just interested to find out more about what it’s like for a gay person in NS, Fall In: You think, I thought, Who confirm? will be an informative and exciting forum for future enlistees, NSFs and NSmen alike, where selected guest speakers will share their experiences in National Service.
Not ready for National Service because you’re feeling a little unfit? Well, joins us at the 2nd run of Check-OUT: The Race! as you race against time and your competitors in completing challenges that will test your wits, dexterity and knowledge of the GLBT community.

So there you have it, it’s time! The question is, are you ready?

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