Jejaka is a youth support group by SGRainbow for GBQ Malay, Muslim & Malay-Muslim men from 18 to 35 years old in Singapore that aims to create a safe and brave space for self-acceptance and peer support.

Jejaka aims to:
1) Provide a safe and brave space for discourse on personal issues affecting the Malay, Muslim, Malay-Muslim men in their community
2) Allow opportunities for participants to make new friends in an inclusive setting
3) Raise awareness of the issues and the community that we live in

FAQ on Support Group

Q: How is Jejaka different from other support groups?
A: Jejaka is unique as it is an ethnic-specific support group dealing with issues that affect the GBQ Malay, Muslim and Malay-Muslim men aged 18 to 35 years. The Malay-Muslim community faces different issues and the sessions will help you discover more about the community.

Q: How will Jejaka run?
A: Jejaka will run with 4 compulsory sessions. Each run will have a maximum of 10 participants only. The sessions will be held weekly or fortnightly facilitated by a Jejaka facilitator.

Q: Must I be able to speak Malay to join this programme?
A: The ability to speak Malay is an advantage but not necessary for this programme. Having basic Malay is encouraged as some of the terms discussed may have a greater meaning in Malay than if it were to be translated into English.

Q: I identify as a Malay but not a Muslim. / I identify as a Muslim but not a Malay. Can I still join in?
A: In Jejaka, we are inclusive in that you can be both a Malay and a Muslim or either a Malay or a Muslim. Our aim is to build an inclusive community where we learn from one another.

Q: I am discreet and I am not out to anyone. Can I still join?

A: Yes of course. Our sessions will be conducted in a private space where it is made known to only the participants and facilitators.

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Upcoming Jejaka Programmes

No upcoming programmes

Past Jejaka Programmes

April – May 2015
1st run of support group

July 2015
Iftar With Jejaka

March 2016
2nd run of support group

June 2016
Iftar With Jejaka 2

April 2017
3rd run of support group

June 2017
Iftar with Jejaka 3

April 2018
4th run of support group

June 2018
Iftar with Jejaka 4

August 2018
Raya Qonversations

May 2019
Iftar 2019

June 2019
Raya Qonversations 2.0

July 2019
5th run of support group