GBQ Youth Camp

We are looking for:
1) Country Coordinators from the following countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam
2) Sponsors and donors

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Camp Metamorphosis (Camp M) was successfully organised from 7 to 8 December 2019. It attracted close to 30 participants (4 from Malaysia). Through the programmes that challenged their thinking, campers were treated to a whole day of fun and laughter. It was also the first time that the camp was held outside of Mainland Singapore.


The 4th GBQ youth overnight camp, Camp Ho’oulu was a successful 2D2N camp. It was the first time the team challenged our own boundaries and we managed to do so with yet another exciting run. Campers were treated to a range of activities from icebreakers to team-building. For the first time ever, campers also had to run their own workshop sessions. It was a truly enjoyable camp!

A total of 28 participants (including 3 Malaysian campers) attended the camp.


The 3rd GBQ youth overnight camp, Camp Lionheart centred around the theme of “Bravery” was held on 2-3 December 2017. Campers were treated to a range of programmes that challenged themselves to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence to navigate through the complex landscape of the emerging world.

A total of 26 participants (including 4 sponsored participants from Malaysia) attended Camp Lionheart.


The 2nd GBQ youth overnight camp, Camp Supernova centred around the theme of “Constellations”. It was related to our focus on building identity through exciting games and activities that were lined up just for our campers.

A total of 26 participants attended Camp Supernova.

Odyssey Camp is the first inaugural overnight camp specifically for GBQ youth from 18 to 25 years old in Singapore. It aims to:

• Provide a safe and open space for participants and volunteers to discuss, explore and reflect on GBQ-related issues and experiences, including sex and sexuality.
• Equip participants and volunteers with the skills and knowledge to create a supportive and affirmative GBQ community.
A total of 30 participants attended the Odyssey Camp.