Coming Out

Are you thinking of coming out to your loved ones? What does coming out mean and how should you come out?

What Is Coming Out?

Coming out refers to the process of revealing your sexual orientation to others. It may not always be a one-off event as you may have to come out multiple times to different people at different stages in your life.

Before coming out to others, you need to first be able to come out to yourself. This means accepting yourself for who you are and the feelings that you feel. When you first “come out” to yourself, you may feel afraid, worried or even confused when you acknowledge your feelings and identity. Here’s some advice from Human Rights Campaign Foundation:

“It’s those first five minutes in coming out to your friends or acquaintances that are really the hardest. But after that, things get better than before because there’s nothing standing in between you anymore.”

Why Come Out?

There are different reasons why people may choose to come out. For instance, some people may come out because they want to lead more authentic, richer lives and forge deeper relationships with their loved ones. Others may come out to break down barriers and stereotypes that have kept others in the closet.

Each person will have their own reasons for coming out and it is up to you to decide whether you want to come out. Remember that it is not an obligation that you should come out to anybody at all!

When Should I Come Out?

Maybe now? Maybe tomorrow? Maybe never?

Be prepared that different people may have different reactions to you coming out, depending on whether they already know other LGBTQ+ people and other factors. Come out ONLY if you are comfortable with yourself and the people around you.

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Updated 14 June 2020