FEATURE: Two LGBTQ rights activists of different faiths find common ground

“I want people to rethink what’s considered ‘normal’ or ‘common sense’ so they are awakened to justice. I receive wonderful feedback from people who believe in different religions. I want people to see me and know that there is nothing wrong with them,” Nishimura said.

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Why is the idea of ‘gender’ provoking backlash the world over? | Judith Butler

Still others claim that the very concept of “gender” is an attack on #Christianity (or, in some countries, traditional #Islam), and accuse the proponents of “gender” of discriminating against their #religious beliefs. And yet, the significant field of #gender and religion suggests that the enemies do not come from the outside, and that the dogma is to be found on the side of the censors.

Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/commentisfree/2021/oct/23/judith-butler-gender-ideology-backlash

May be an image of ‎one or more people and ‎text that says '‎#COUPLEGOALS Hear stories from three couples living in Asia Earl & Sean South Korea earlandsean 17 July 2021 5 p.m. (Singapore) http://tinyurl.com/beinggial Sean & Jan Singapore ogstagram_8 jan.edward.lìm Bozz & Nuster Thailand ل BNT BozzNuster Nabil Singapore Moderator ORGANISERS self. growth. ealise MY RAINBOW *Programme will in English with live Thai-English translation by Nashy PARTNERS Youth Voices Count RAGAYOK Iravel Queer Asian 酷儿大本营 Project BEING QUEETZ N ASIA‎'‎‎

Being Queer in Asia series is a virtual light-hearted discussion programme providing panel speakers, comprising of queer men, a platform to share on a specific topic that is close to their hearts.

Our theme for this episode will be #couplegoals. In Asia, we have heard stories about the different levels of acceptance across different countries and progressive news made about same-sex marriages. To enlighten us about this, we will be featuring 3 gay couples from different parts of Asia to share their perspectives.

Date: 17 July 2021 (Saturday) Time: 5pm (Singapore time); 4pm (Bangkok time); 6pm (Seoul time)

Platform: Online

Registration link: http://tinyurl.com/beingqia1

Link to join the show will be emailed to you closer to the date.*Programme will be in English with live Thai-English translation by Nashy