20 DECEMBER 2017


Singapore – In its bid to cater to the growing and changing needs of the GBQ youth community in Singapore, SGRainbow has shifted its programming to include a wide range of programmes that are aligned to the chosen theme.

The theme, “It’s ShowTime” shows the organisation’s commitment to be more creative in its programme design. SGRainbow’s Executive Director clarified, “There is a big gap between the wants of the community and what the NGOs are doing. We cannot be doing the same thing year in year out. Times have changed and we need to step up our initiatives.”

SGRainbow promises a 360-degree change in their programming. Despite the retention of programme names, participants can expect a different outlook and a fresh perspective into the programmes including the all-time favourite ‘Night’s OUT’ and the annual GBQ youth camp.

The annual GBQ youth camp, for example, would be two nights instead of one night, with a whole range of activities that addresses the mental, social well-being and emotional aspects of the participants. It would also invite more participants from other South East Asian countries after a successful run with participants from Malaysia recently this year. The age range for the camp would also extend for there is a growing demand and interest by GBQ youth who are above 25.

A list of programmes would be released in due time.

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