SGRainbow and Young OUT Here, will be organizing an amazing race, Check-OUT: The Race 2, as part of IndigNation 2014.
The objectives of the race are as follows:
  1. Develop and bolster participants’ individual identity and self esteem as LGBTQ youths.
  2. Strengthen friendships within participants and provide platform for participants to forge new ones.
  3. Increase participants’ understanding of the various LGBTQ organisations and their roles in the community
The race will see groups of participants going around Singapore to various LGBTQ places completing missions.
This race is open to ALL and participants will have to form groups of 3 to 4 members.
On top of all the fun, participants will each get a goodie bag worth $100! Winners of this race will also stand a chance to win cash and prizes worth up to $1,000.
Details of the race
Date: 30 August 2014
Time: 0930hrs to 1800hrs (Flag off at 1000hrs)
Registration fee: $10 per person
For enquiries about this race, please contact the organisers at
Places are limited, so hurry!