The summer solstice is here, the day the sun lingers for the longest time in the year. According to ancient mythology, it is also the this day with the shortest night that zombies become most active as they try to make the most of the little time they have.

After the sun sets, nobody knows what will happen next. Could this be the night of your life or could it be the last night of your life? Who is friend and who is foe? Trust no one but yourself.

Join us at Night’s OUT 7 for an epic night of mystery, fun, food and friends. Mark the following details in your calendar and live to tell the tale!
Date: 21 June 2014
Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Venue: Will be disclosed to registered participants
Note: For 18 to 25 years old gay and bisexual men only
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There are so many mobile apps to accessorise your smartphones with but nothing beats going out and meeting people in real life. And I do mean it when I say to meet them one-on-one and chat about anything and everything under the sun. I have seen some confessions online about other gay youths asking about how to make friends beyond the mobile apps, which sometimes can seem a little too daunting or raunchy. 
As such, I decided to write down a short review of the top 5 social events you can attend as a young gay man looking to expand your social network, and if you are lucky, meet someone special. I have personally attended all these events and some others organised by other community groups but thought that these 5 were the ones that I enjoyed the most. 
#5 – Pink Dot 
Well, who doesn’t know Pink Dot? Besides celebrating the freedom to love, you will also be free to show off your awesome pink attire and enjoy a picnic together with more than 20 000 other people who support and affirm who you are. Trust me, sharing food with other unknown strangers is fun and more often than not, you won’t remain strangers for long. This is a must-go with your friends and who knows, you might even meet someone special there too. 
On the flip side however, it is most of the time hot and you will be literally melting under the sun, so get your umbrellas and fans ready. Also, it’s becoming really crowded as more people have come forward (it’s a good thing but we just need a bigger venue!) to show their support for the freedom to love. 
[Pink Dot is happening on 28th June 2014 this year at Hong Lim Park. Find out more here:
#4 – Werq It! by The Purple Alliance

This is by far the simplest event that I have been to. You simply go and just mingle with others around you while having dinner in a cosy restaurant. No fuss, and everyone seems to be friendly. You should however, try to be mindful of your table manners, since it’s your first time meeting new friends! 
As TPA is open to everyone, you get to make not only friends with gay people but also lesbians and sometimes straight people participate too! So if you’re up for making friends in general, this event is really a wonderful chance to. 
[Find out more about Werq It! here:
#3 – Check-In by SGRainbow
I was quite interested to join after hearing from a friend about this and I wasn’t sure if I would like the walking bit but nonetheless, I tried…  and it was fun! Somehow, while you are walking with people and getting to know them more, you don’t feel that tired because maybe you just don’t think much about it. It was interesting to find out about other community groups and what they do, while making new friends at the same time! 
However, you have to be interested to find out more about the community to join this event or you might be bored by the programme. So if you are pretty new to the gay community and want to know more about what’s out there for us, this event is a must-go! 
[Find out more about Check-In here:]
#2 – Meet Market by Oogachaga
I love discussions and after participating in this event, my new friends gave me some insight into some of the commonly discussed topics about the gay community and I do recommend those of you who like to voice your thoughts and opinions to join this event.
And of course, new friends of a wide age range will be added to your contact list.
[Find out more about Meet Market here:
#1 – Night’s OUT by SGRainbow
Apparently, I was told that this is their “most popular” event and after attending, I can understand why. Who won’t want free food, freebies, and loads of fun while at the same time make new friends?
I had the opportunity to participate in one of their Christmas Night’s OUT and seriously, it was awesome! The facilitators running the programme were friendly and approachable, and there was so much going on that we didn’t want to leave the venue (until they had to chase us out as they had to clean up). Every single one of you should try this event out! 
I think most importantly, this event was best for me personally because it catered to youths. We all could relate to each other quite well and it’s not that I want to be ageist but sometimes, we just want to find a close group of friends who can understand best and usually those who can understand what we are going through or feeling best are those around our own age. 
[Find out more about Night’s OUT here:] 
This was written by an ex-participant of our events and he kindly offered to pen down his experiences and thoughts on the various community events he has attended. Tell us what you think about this list and share your experiences with us!