Image may contain: text that says 'A hang out by sgrainbow 9 Jan The Begie self.growth.realise 2021, 4-7pm Make new East Coast to Marina Barrage! friends as we make roundri from Coast East Park Price* $25lpax $4512 pax Get into your workout attire and bring along a change of clothes and a bottle! *Items included: Bicycle rental and light refreshments SgRTheLycleBegins'

SGRainbow is back and better than ever before. We’ve got a full lineup for the year and are kick-starting with the first programme – The Cycle Begins.

Come cycle from East Coast Park to Marina Barrage together. We’ll also spice things up along the way with ice breakers and refreshments.

We guarantee it’ll be a great way to kick off the year. Here’s to new adventures, new friends, new memories.

This programme is strictly for GBQ youth between 18 and 35 years old. By signing up, you agree that we will not be liable for any injuries that arise from participating in this programme.

Safe Management Measures (SMM) will be strictly enforced throughout the entire programme, with no more than 8 in a group. Intermingling between groups is not allowed. All participants must wear their mask throughout the duration of the programme.

Here are the details:

Date: 9 January 2021

Venue: East Coast Park (More info for registered participants only)

Time: 4pm – 7pm

Fee: $25 per person ($45 for 2 if you sign up with a friend)


“What is this place?” she protested. “Who is that man?”

“He can cure you,” her sister replied. Then she and their father took hold of Huang’s arms and pulled her from the vehicle, dragging her past a set of iron gates towards the man she would soon come to know, and dread, as Old Zhang.

[Source: South China Morning Post]

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Queer Asian Project

Announcement from Queer Asian Project

We would like to share great news with you: Queer Asian Project is launching its website! With this new platform, we are excited that we are able to provide a space for talented queer Asian writers to share their creative work with the world. To help make this possible, we turn to you – our readers! If you have a voice that you want to express, share it with us and we will make it known. Share them too with your trusted friends! Top five submissions shall receive a small token of appreciation. Get More Info & Share Your Voice Here>>

Submission deadline: 30 Nov 2020To read the general FAQs, click here :


Coinciding with International Coming Out Day, Japan’s first permanent LGBTQ centre will open it’s doors to the public on Sunday the 11th of October 2020.

A multi-purpose venue located in Shinjuku, ‘Pride House Tokyo Legacy’ aims to raise awareness and support of the LGBTQ community through a range of events, facilities and exhibits held at the venue.



We apologise sincerely that it took us so long to get back on track. We had issues with the server and then, things just happened.

The website is up and running again, and we are hosting it on WordPress at last. We thank our kind behind-the-scene-IT-guy who not only helped us migrate the website, but gave us advice on how to better maintain it. We cannot thank you enough!

20 DECEMBER 2017


Singapore – In its bid to cater to the growing and changing needs of the GBQ youth community in Singapore, SGRainbow has shifted its programming to include a wide range of programmes that are aligned to the chosen theme.

The theme, “It’s ShowTime” shows the organisation’s commitment to be more creative in its programme design. SGRainbow’s Executive Director clarified, “There is a big gap between the wants of the community and what the NGOs are doing. We cannot be doing the same thing year in year out. Times have changed and we need to step up our initiatives.”

SGRainbow promises a 360-degree change in their programming. Despite the retention of programme names, participants can expect a different outlook and a fresh perspective into the programmes including the all-time favourite ‘Night’s OUT’ and the annual GBQ youth camp.

The annual GBQ youth camp, for example, would be two nights instead of one night, with a whole range of activities that addresses the mental, social well-being and emotional aspects of the participants. It would also invite more participants from other South East Asian countries after a successful run with participants from Malaysia recently this year. The age range for the camp would also extend for there is a growing demand and interest by GBQ youth who are above 25.

A list of programmes would be released in due time.

For enquiries and information, write in to

The following information is retrieved from AWARE’s website.

What is consent?

Consent is showing agreement to take part in a sex act.

Consent must be given freely, voluntarily, and actively to count. There must be no threat, intimidation, pressure or guilt-tripping.

All words, behaviour and circumstances are crucial to decide whether consent exists. Just because no one said “no” does not mean there is consent. Objection may be implied from the context and from the relationship of the parties.

All people have the right to say “no” at any point. Consent to some sexual acts (e.g. kissing, oral sex) does not equate to consent to penetration. A person might also consent to sex at one point, but change their mind later.

So the camp name says it all, but in all honesty, who among us has the true courage of a lion? It takes years to build it up and anyone who tell you otherwise…well, you know better.

There may not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow (or camp), but we can assure you there will be friendship, acceptance and a whole lot of fun.

Come join us for an amazing 2D1N experience like no other. Cos we want you to conqueer the enemy within.

Date: 2-3 Dec 2017
Reporting time: 10am
Fee: $25
Venue: To be disclosed to registered and paid campers only

Camp Lionheart is open to GBQ youth aged 18-25years old only.

Register now:
More info:

Camp Lionheart is proudly sponsored by Intune Music, The Lo & Behold Group, Straw x Coffee, SatsumaOrange, and BooksActually. It is also supported by Rainbow+ and Oogachaga.

Guess what you will probably have in common with all these celebrities – Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga or Madonna?
All of them were bullied (in one way or another) when they were younger.

These famous figures probably endured one of the worst times in their life and look what came out of it? The don’t just survive, they thrive. It’s not easy being young and much harder when you’re gay. But you just need to know and believe that it gets better.

Perhaps you’re not going to be the next superstar, a figure of power or even a superhero, but you can certainly grow stronger out of it.

Join us this Nights Out where you get to be in a comfortable space to be yourself.

It’s time to work it out.

21:10:2017 / 16:00 to 19:00 / $10 / 18 to 35 years old GBQ youth

Sign up:

Come join us and experience kayaking. Learn the basic techniques of paddling and enjoy the view. Make new friends along the way who have a similar passion. Limited slots available so hurry up and sign up now at!

Date: 20 May 2017, Saturday
Time: 9:00am – 12:00noon
Venue: TBA to registered participants
Fee: $20

Note: This programme is open to GBQ men from 18 to 35 years old only.